I grew up in a coastal area which was primarily a tourist destination in NSW. While close to the beach, my family home was on the lake surrounded by natural bush with few houses around. Over the years the area became highly populated and in 2011, I made the decision to move to a country area where once again I live with an outlook over paddocks and tree encrusted mountains fulfilling my love of a more natural environment and all that comes with it.

I have grown up in a creative environment and have been heavily involved over the years with making, teaching and selling craft items, learning to play several musical instruments and developing my love for writing and photography.

Over the past ten years I have been developing my skills as a photographer on both a recreational and professional level. My main interests lie in sports photography, the natural environment that we live in; for example, landscapes, flora and fauna, cloud formations, sunrise and sunsets as well as country towns and the people that inhabit them.

I commenced studying my Bachelor’s in Creative Arts and Design (Photography) in July 2017 at Charles Sturt University making a life-long dream come true. Studying is giving me the ability to learn about different forms of photography and to explore my passion for photo journalism. There is a great satisfaction is being able to capture a scene that tells a story to the wider community.